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Hurry up your week and slow down your weekends!

Learn to let go of the paralyzing need to be perfect. Find out how to navigate your fears of failure. Stop holding onto the industrial mindset that logging hours boosts productivity. Learn to create your own work schedule and dedicate more of your precious personal time to pursuing what you really want and spending time with your family and friends.

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Joe Sanok is a dynamic guest. Trained as a psychologist, productivity researcher, and podcaster, he knows how to make your podcast interview amazing!

He is also the author of Thursday is the New Friday, a book empowering you to make the 4-day workweek shift and help you boost creativity and productivity.

Topics Joe Can Cover

  • How the 40-hour workweek is dying and the four-day workweek is going to be the new norm in our generation.
  • HEALTH: How research is showing improved health outcomes by working less and implementing a four-day week. 
  • FAMILY + PARENTING: The important connection between social-emotional health, work, and thriving families. 
  • MONEY: How numerous businesses and families have found that working less saves money and improves financial outcomes. 
  • BUSINESS: Why the business world is shifting away from the Industrialist model, what is replacing it, and what is next within our generation. 
  • ENTREPRENEURS: The exact steps that thousands of clients have taken to work less, make more, and live a stronger life. All of this is supported by thousands of hours of research, case studies, and practical implementation. 
  • HUMOR: Joe was chased by a rhino in Nepal, ask him about that. 
  • LIFE: Joe has some stories. He had cancer, his daughters had heart surgery, and in 2020-2021 he lived out of national parks in a camper with his daughters.
Thursday is the New Friday is the new 4-Hour Work Week. By that, I mean a shift away from complacency and a movement toward taking control of one’s schedule, workload, and overall mental health.

There is no more important book that should be read right now than this one.

Pat Flynn

Bestselling Author of Will It Fly and Superfans

Joe Sanok is all about brain optimization through slowing down and then focusing on how to get results. In this book, Joe explores the neuroscience and practically helps small business owners to grow and scale without burning out.

He’s perfectly positioned to help us work less and do our best work to genuinely make a difference in the world.

Dr Julie Achwartz Gottman

Bestselling Author of Eight Dates, Psychologist, and Researcher

I’ve interviewed over 2000 of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and their superpower is the ability to capture big ideas and take action. Joe Sanok’s book has me FIRED UP because it brings together the psychology of how the brain creates ideas with practical ways to adapt this neuroscience.

This book is needed in the business community as well as for everyday world changers!

John Lee Dumas

Founder and Host of Award-Winning Entrepreneurs of Fire Podcast