The Thursday is the New Friday Manifesto.

This life is ours.
We believe that we are made for slowing down and doing creative and impactful work, that weekends are not enough, and that our best work comes after we slow down.
We believe that the mechanical system created by the Industrialists was a step forward for the time but is no longer what is best for humans or the world. Our human potential is being limited by mindless and useless work instead of the impactful work that sits quietly inside of us.

We believe that slowing down is the way to release this creativity into the world. Our best work comes when we are centered, de-stressed, and able to breathe. We will contribute in disruptive and world-changing ways only when our body is centered and has slowed down.
We believe that we are a changing organism that is allowed to switch interests, experiment with ideas, and fail. Failure and experimenting are linchpins to allowing ourselves to expand. Gone are the days of being paralyzed by perfection, instead we will live with a posture of pushing the limits to find what we and society are made of.

We believe that we are recreating our world in a way that will expand our potential, open us up to better living, and create the most meaningful work we could imagine.
We believe that Thursday is the new Friday