Thursday is the New Friday helping you transition to the 4-day work week

Has 2020 opened you up to fresh ideas, forced you to be more innovative, and made you realize that clocking in a 9 to 5 isn’t the best use of your time? Think about it. We keep inventing things to save us time, yet in most cases we’re just cramming more ‘time savers’ into 24 hours, instead of freeing up more time for personal discovery and life balance. This is where I come in.

I’m challenging you to try something new and experience Thursday is the New Friday.

About Joe…

So what do I know about a 4-day week? Well, I’m living it. I’m the first to admit that I enjoy my time outside of work as a family guy the most, but I also love what I do, and it shows: 


  • HarperCollins Author and written 5 books
  • Productivity researcher
  • Lived in a camper with my kids, taking them road-schooling during 2020/2021
  • Keynote and TEDx Speaker
  • Podcaster behind Practice of the Practice – recognised as one of the Top 50 Podcasts Worldwide
  • Business consultant
  • Writer for PsychCentral
  • Featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, GOOD Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur on Fire, and Yahoo News


Most people will spend 40 hours+ pushing themselves and then barely recover on the weekend. It’s time to optimize our brains to slow down and then do creative, innovative, and amazing work! I help you reimagine and reinvent your time to find balance and happiness. 


“Thursday is the New Friday is the New 4-Hour Work Week. By that, I mean a shift away from complacency and a movement toward taking control of one’s schedule, workload, and overall mental health. There is no more important book that should be read than this right now.”

Pat Flynn Bestselling Author of Will It Fly & Superfans




“I’ve interviewed over 2000 of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs and their superpower is the ability to capture big ideas and take action. One of the biggest struggles my community faces is identifying which ideas are worth pursuing and how to IGNITE those ideas. Joe Sanok’s book has me FIRED UP because it will bring together the psychology of how the brain creates ideas with practical ways to adapt this neuroscience. This book is needed in the business community as well as for everyday world changers!”

John Lee Dumas, Bestselling author of The Common Path to Uncommon Success


“Joe Sanok is all about brain optimization through slowing down and then focusing on how to get results. In this book, Joe explores the neuroscience and practically helps small business owners to grow and scale without burning out. He’s perfectly positioned to help us work less and do our best work to genuinely make a difference in the world.”

Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, Best Selling Author of Eight Dates, Psychologist, and Researcher


“This work that you are doing around days and work and rest and vitality is so so important and I’m so thrilled you’re doing it.” 

Rob Bell, Bestselling author of Love Wins


“Never in our lifetime have we seen a time of reinvention like now. This book is an essential handbook for reinventing schedules to design a life of creativity that also helps business.”

-Kevin Harrington, Entrepreneur and Original Shark on Shark Tank


“Joe Sanok has written the book that is needed right now. A global transition is occurring with how we view work and creating meaning in our lives. Thursday is the New Friday is highly recommended for entrepreneurs, podcasters, and businesses who want to build creativity, innovation, and productivity in fewer hours. This is the blueprint that is needed to guide us in the next evolution of business.”

-Steve Olsher, Founder, Podcast Magazine 




My latest book, ‘Thursday Is the New Friday’ helps you reinvent your time, giving you more freedom, ideas, and happiness – while also helping the world. Learn to let go of the paralyzing need to be perfect, and find out how to navigate your fears of failure. Stop holding onto this industrial mindset that logging hours boosts productivity. It’s time to hurry up your week and slow down your weekends. While you’re at it, treat your ‘weekend’ as the beginning of your next week – seriously, it’s a game changer!

If you’re thinking, “yeah Joe, this all sounds great but let’s be realistic…” I want to reassure you that my book doesn’t just point out things we’re all thinking, it offers practical tools and tenets for a newly imagined, 4-day work week. It also helps you develop a curious mindset and an ‘outsider’s’ approach to work, as well as timed work sprints to help you accomplish way more in less time. 

Thursday Is the New Friday is for anyone in search of peace and fullfilment, and in 2021 let’s face it, that’s basically all of us.


Right, so you want to change the way you think, put yourself first, and figure out what you really need to work on those all-important boundaries. For just $55 get my Internal Inclinations Assessment sent to your inbox, but don’t take this as hard science, instead, use it as a guide to help you in understanding your basic inclinations. And go…

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